Friday, February 4, 2011

So behind... so here we go...

I cannot believe I am two months behind on my blogging! My personal computer crashed so I was out of luck for a couple of months...but after a month at the computer doctor, we are ready to go. I am very overwhelmed with the idea of catching up, so I am going to jump right in!

Here is my cute little snow bunny all ready to go play outside! Side note: It took way longer to get her ready to go in the snow than it did for her to play in the snow! Nonetheless, so much fun! We have had a January filled with tons of snow. But with my part time schedule, there was really no stress...we just kept our pjs on all day and enjoyed it. We even got daddy to stay home a few days too! Nothing like a spontaneous "weekend" in the middle of the week.

What a difference a week makes. As I right this, it is in the single digits and the wind chill is unbelievable. Just last week, the temperature was in the 50s and we were able to take our kids to the park. It was a little messy, but nothing was going to stop us from getting out of the house and running around for awhile. Taylor loved going down the slide with her friends, Dani and Allie.

Carson is almost nine months old and I cannot believe it. I know everyone says that the second kiddo grows up even faster...but this is ridiculous! She is crawling all over the house and she is pulling herself up on everything. She is so interested in everything big sister is doing, and it's something about hearing Taylor scream "Carson...stop messing with my puzzle/dollhouse/book/babydoll/etc" that I secretly just love. =) I am sure those words will get old soon enough, but for reminds me how lucky I am two have two amazing daugthers that god-willling, will be the best of friends!

Sisters playing on the toys at the mall.

So now that we are all over the house, Carson likes to climb through the coffee table. She usually decides to lift up...which usually causes her to bonk her head or get stuck. You would think she would remember how that didn't work so well the first time, but nope...she goes right back at it again. Silly girl. She's such a bruiser. Love you stinker!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Teething and Books

Carson turned 6 months old on 11/11 and she already has 7 teeth. Poor baby has a new tooth poking through, everytime I turn around. She is a drooling machine and she won't go a second with out her thumb or binky in her mouth. Despite the crazy pain, Carson is still the sweetest thing ever. Love you baby girl.

Taylor reading to her sissy...
Carson joining in on the fun...note: looks who is sitting up so good!

Taylor has been so patient with Carson, even when she is grabbing at all of her toys...hopefully she can keep it up!
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Halloween was a blast this year. Taylor is really starting to get it. We spent many weeks trying to decide on the "perfect" costume. I had this super cute idea of Taylor and Carson being Dora and Boots, but Tay wouldn't have it. She was absolutely determined to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She is obsessed with reading the Little Mermaid book that we have and after watching it on VHS at Grammie's house, she was sold. The funny thing is that Ariel was always my favorite Disney princess, so I was just fine with her desire to be the princess. Poor Carson got the hand-me-down mouse costume from Taylor's first Halloween. However, she didn't mind too much...she was asleep by 7pm and didn't care too much for the candy.;)

Carson was not too thrilled about this whole thing.

However, Taylor was very excited about the concept of unlimited amounts of candy.

Ariel kissing the mouse.

Taylor loves dressing up and putting on costumes, she prances around the house yelling, "look at me mommy, I am so pretty" "show me the mirror" "I am a princess" Halloween may be over for all of you, but dressing up is a daily event at the Bell house!
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5 Month Pics and more

Wow, I am sitting here looking at my Christmas tree and I realized that I haven't even blogged Halloween yet. I can't seem to catch up on everything. Life is great and I just can't seem to keep up with how fast the days are flying by. Spending this time of year with my family is absolutely wonderful. Pumpkin patches, trick or treating, turkeys, and christmas lights...nothing is better than experiencing it through the eyes of a two and half year old. I feel so blessed to have my husband and my beautiful truly couldn't get any better.
I have to brag on Taylor for a little bit. She has become obsessed with puzzles. The wooden board ones are way to easy, I have had to buy her the "big kid" ones. This Ariel princesss puzzle is for ages 5 and up and she can do it all by herself. I was seriously shocked...after helping her a couple of times, she was good to go. I am impressed with her strong-will to do it all by herself and her patience to make sure all the pieces fit perfectly together. Not too bad for a 2.5 year old=)

I am way behind on post Carson's 5 month pics. Here is my sweetie pie posing for us in the chair, we had to do our photo shoot next to the bed since...

her sister decided to take over the crib. Taylor thinks it's hilarious to climb into the crib and read her books. Note: She is reading 'The New Potty" book in this picture and it has failed to rub off. She only wants to use the potty when it's convenient for her (before bed, so she can stall or if we are out and about and she is bored and wanted to explore the "newest" bathroom). I am not really stressing yet, but sheesh she is so dang stubborn...I just pray we don't have to have an intervention like we did when she wouldn't feed herself. Everyone keeps saying "she will get it" so I will just take their word for it...for now.=)


Thought it was fun to post Taylor's 5 month crib compare to Carson but also to 2.5 year old Tay. Can you believe the facial expression? Same exact one. Hilarious!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Smiling!

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My niece Callie Rose

Meet my niece, Callie Rose Day, she was born on September 16th and she is absolutely beautiful! I am so excited for my sister and my brother in law! Callie is currently the youngest of the four granddaughters and is absolutely perfect. We love you sweet baby girl and your cousins are very happy you are here!

Callie Rose Day

Proud Aunt Kelly

Callie Rose is named after our grandmother (my mom's mom)... Callie Bernice

Proud Daddy and Mommy
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4 months!

Carson is my smiley carefree baby girl....don't you just love the difference between my two girls at 4 months...haha!

Carson- 4 months. (9/11/10)
Taylor- 4 months. (10/7/08)

Sweet Baby Girl.

Hello again friends!

I know, I has been FOREVER!!! Where do I start....I have two crazy girls that are keeping me crazy busy and work is going great but is very busy right now! My company will be launching a new product in November, so lots of extra stuff right now which unfortunately means...way behind on blogging!! But let's dive right in...
Taylor is absolutely hilarious right now and such a sweetheart! She is talking a mile a minute and Luke and I find ourselves cracking up all the time at things she is saying and doing. Some of my favorite Taylor sayings right now are "I don't need to potty, I just went" (which she says everytime...note: potty training not going so well(sadface)) "Okay, Okay Mom" (which she says with total attitude) "I am not cute! I am a Big Girl" (she does not understand that you can be both "cute" and a "big girl") I have tried to explain to her that you can be both but she does not buy no matter what adjective we use, "sweet" "helpful" "strong"....we are completely wrong....because she is a "Big Girl"....sheesh...she is already putting us in our place...a little nervous on what is to come=) Bragging moment: Luke and I had to have bedtime bootcamp a couple months ago because she was basically "holding us hostage" in her room at bedtime and not getting to sleep until way after nine every night. After a few awful weeks...Taylor screaming at her door (we had to lock her in) and us having to put her back in bed every 10 minutes...these battles lasting up to 1 or so hours at times.... it has finally paid off!! Taylor officially has it down. We start bedtime at 8...3 books, prayers, songs, bed....and we are out the door at 8:30 and she works it out. Mommy and Daddy are sooooo happy and Taylor is getting to bed way everybody wins!!

Our princess with her princess shoes!
Our diva is very into dressing up....she is quite the "girly girl".

Sweet baby sister Carson...always smiling and such a good baby!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Baby sister is having a Baby

My baby sister is due on September 18 with a baby girl and we can't wait for Miss Callie Rose to arrive! We had her baby shower a couple of weeks ago and had a great time showering her with gifts. My sister took these pics so I had to show off a few. My mom bought these gorgeous dresses for the girls. We can't believe there will be 4 granddaugthers in the family now...can you imagine the girls' nights to come! We are so blessed.

Me and my girls
Carson, Taylor, and Reese...we just need Callie=) and yes...don't they look super excited!

My grandma Callie Bernice holding sis is naming her baby Callie after her=)

Sweet Sisters

My beautiful daughter, gosh she looks old here!

My beautiful sister Katie and sister in law you girls!